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Q:  How do you determine how much to offer for a parcel of land?
A:  We use a formula specific to our purchasing criteria. We also look at what other properties are selling for, and what the market suggests they will do in the future.  When you get an offer from JLASALLE INVESTMENTS, we will fully explain how we determine our offer.

Q:  Are there ANY hidden costs or fees?
A: Never. Not a dime. What we offer you is what you will take home.

Q:  What makes you different from an agent?
A: Simply put we buy land, we don’t list it. We buy land that is not being used in an effort to help it see it’s greatest potential.

Real estate agents list properties (often at inflated prices) in hopes that someone will buy them so they can receive a commission for their efforts. You will have to sign a contract, binding you to them for a certain amount of time. You will owe them a commission even if you find the buyer yourself.

Q:  When I Get An Offer, Is There Any Obligation?
A: There is never any obligation to receive an offer. Once you tell us a little about your property we will determine a reasonable offer within 24 hours most times same day. It is completely up to you if you decide to sell or not. There is no risk, obligation or hassle.

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